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Corrections Bureau

The Sheriff’s Office Corrections Bureau is dedicated to providing a high standard of service to the public and inmates at the Santa Cruz County Jails.  We strive to ensure safety and protection to the public as well as the inmates in our care.  We provide a system of alternatives to incarceration through job skills development, education, work release, and transitional programs.

Chief Deputy Paul Ramos


The Corrections Bureau operates four correctional facilities: Main Jail and Blaine Street Facility in Santa Cruz, and the Rountree Medium security facility in South County; administers the Work Release/Custody Alternative Program and prisoner transportation, and provides court security services to the Superior Court.

Main Jail

The Main Jail Corrections Division is dedicated to providing a safe and secure atmosphere for inmates housed in the facility, as well as the public.  The Jail Facility Commanders are responsible for the management and supervision of daily operations in the jail, which include overseeing staff, inmate transports, medical care, programs, family and professional visits.  The Facility Commanders coordinate with county agencies and outside contractors to insure that the jail is well maintained and secure.  The county Main Jail and Blaine Street Facility operate twenty-four hours per day, every day of the year.


Rountree Facilities

The Rountree Commander oversees the Rountree Medium custody facility and the Rehabilitation and Reentry facility.

Lieutenant Shon Leonetti

Court Security, Transportation, and Corrections Medical Services

The Special Services Lieutenant leads Court Security, local and out-of-county transportation and extraditions, and works closely with the Medical Director for the delivery of medical services at all facilities.

Lieutenant Dan Freitas