Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer assignments depend on the specific skills, interests and background of the volunteer as well as the needs of the Sheriff’s Office.

  1. Child Safety Program Presentation Assistant: Assist a Sheriff’s Deputy with presenting the Child Safety Program in elementary school. Work with students in small group discussions, activities and skits to facilitate learning various topics related to their safety.
  2. Crime Prevention Inspector: Assist Sheriff’s Office staff with the Crime Prevention Inspection Program by conducting site visits at residences and businesses, performing inspections and providing written recommendation.
  3. Civilian Patrol Driver: Drive Sheriff’s Office volunteer vehicle. Conduct security checks of neighborhoods, parks and of specific residences participating in the vacation watch program. Verify abandoned vehicles and document for code enforcement officer. Represent the Sheriff’s Office and serve at scheduled community events such as the County Fair, National Night Out, Wharf to Wharf, and Trunk or Treat Halloween Festival
  4. Service Center Office Assistant: Greet and assist the public at the Service Centers. Provide information and referrals to the public, take crime reports, provide crime prevention information, answer phone calls, perform clerical duties and special projects. Represent the Sheriff’s Office at scheduled community events. Fingerprint children for I.D. purposes.
  5. Little Free Library Steward: Promote and maintain a “Little Free Library” for public use. Organize and coordinate reading events between officers and youth.
  6. Records and Civil Office Assistant: Assist Records and Civil Sections with computer data entry assignments.
  7. Forensic Science Clerical Assistant: Provide clerical, administrative and project assistance to support the Coroner and Forensics Sections.
  8. Forensic Science Technical Assistant: Assist the Coroner Section and Forensic Services in a variety of technical assignments.
  9. Recruitment and Hiring Clerical Assistant: Assist the Recruitment and Hiring Division with clerical support for recruitment, testing, hiring and events.
  10. Chaplain: Support Patrol staff and the public during and after traumatic events.
  11. Investigation Crime Assistant: Assist the Investigation Division with cold-case crimes.
  12. Missing Persons Unit Assistant: Assist the Investigation Division with the investigation of missing person cases.
  13. Sheriff’s Activity League Assistant: Assist and support the Sheriff’s Activity League with recreational activities to the youth in our community.
  14. Community Contact Team Member: Provide current and accurate information by personally disseminating information to a specific affected area identified by the Sheriff’s Office.


Qualifications Required:

  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • Good moral standards and a desire to take an active role in improving the quality of life in the community
  • A valid California driver's license and a good driving record (depending upon the specific duties assigned)
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Satisfactory completion of a background check
  • Customer Service experience

*Volunteers will not be armed and will not carry any kind of weapon.

The Volunteer Training Academy is a total of 4 days spread out over a two week period, and is presented by Sheriff personnel.

Time commitment:
A minimum commitment of 6 months is required, at a minimum of 16 hours per month. Volunteers generally work one four-hour shift, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How to apply:

Volunteer Coordinator:
Daisy Barron

5200 Soquel Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062