Work Release/Custody Alternative Program
259 Water Street
Santa Cruz, CA. 95060
(831) 454-7814

The Custody Alternatives Program (CAP) offers several alternatives to incarceration for qualified individuals. Service hours are 8:00 am through 6:00 pm, Monday through Wednesday, and every other Thursday. Persons who are interested in Thursdays should reach out to the CAP Office to confirm they will be in the office. 

Work Release Program

The Sheriff’s Work Release Program allows individuals meeting certain criteria to serve their sentence through the performance of community based service work assignments. The Sheriff’s Office assigns convicted, low level offenders to specific worksites throughout the County of Santa Cruz to satisfy their obligation to the County of Santa Cruz and the justice system by performing light labor in the service of society.

If the court has recommended Work Release for a convicted offender, application may be made to the Work Release Program to determine if program criteria allows the sentence to be served in the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Monitoring Program
Electronic monitoring is an alternative to incarceration. If selected, the client will be allowed to serve their sentence under ‘house arrest’ conditions at their place of residence. The client’s movements will be restricted and they will be required to wear a tamper-resistant, non-removable anklet. The client will be provided a schedule that will allow them to leave their residence for employment, school, treatment programs, counseling and other activities approved by the Sheriff’s Office program staff. Restricted areas can be established in cases where victims are involved. Progress and compliance with conditions of release are continually evaluated and monitored by Sheriff’s Office staff assigned to the program.

The Electronic Monitoring Program is designed for offenders who pose a minimal risk to the community, yet whose behavior and offense indicate a need for close supervision. The program can be used for offenders who have special needs or problems that may be better handled in their home environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Out-of-Custody Booking
If a law enforcement agency, a Peace Officer or the courts have advised a violator that booking is required even though the individual is not in custody, the process may be completed at the Work Release Office in the lobby of the Main Jail between 8:00 AM and 11:30 AM on regular business days.